About Meeting Planner and Simple Planner

Meeting Planner and Simple Planner are emerging new apps designed to make scheduling easier and easier. The site has been developed in step with an Envato Tuts+ tutorial series by founder Jeff Reifman.

Every piece of both services has been built out in the open, documented in the series. The application is developed in the Yii2 Framework for PHP. Learn more about Jeff or contact him at his website. You can also follow him on Twitter @reifman.

The Building Your Startup Tutorial Series

1. Getting Started

Follow along with our tutorial series at Tuts+ as we build Meeting Planner step by step. In this episode we talk about startups in general and the goals for our application.

Episode 1 »

2. Feature Requirements

In Episode 2, we scope out the features that we'll need for a minimum viable product and the database schema that will support it.

Episode 2 »

3. Building Places

In Episode 3, we build code to enable meeting places, integrating with HTML 5 Geolocation, Google Maps and Google Places.

Episode 3 »

4. Localization with I18n

Using Yii's built in localization capability we create the infrastructure for multiple languages

Episode 4 »

5. Access Controls, Ownership & Polish

We circle back to polish some of what we've built to date leveraging more of the Yii Framework.

Episode 5 »

6. User Settings, Profile Images & Contact Details

Building support for infrastructure to support users.

Episode 6 »

7. Scheduling Meetings

Beginning to build the schedule meeting functionality.

Episode 7 »

8. Scheduling Availability & Choices

Building AJAX to simplify meeting availability and selections.

Episode 8 »

9. Viewing the Meeting

Extending the default view to provide appropriate commands for specific users.

Episode 9 (coming soon) »

10. Delivering the Meeting Announcement

Building the support required to send a meeting request and handle responses from the participant.

Episode 10 (coming soon) »

11. Meeting Commands

Implementing secure authenticated links within the email and implementing responses to each available command option.

Episode 11 (coming soon) »

12. Generating Calendar Files

Exporting .ics files for third party calendar integration.

Episode 12 (coming soon) »

13. OAuth Login & Signup

Integrating OAuth authentication to optimize user registration and usability.

Episode 13 (coming soon) »