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How it works

Invite participants using email addresses

We deliver the emails

Type or paste in the email addresses of people you wish to invite. You can also share the invitation link via email or post on Facebook. When you're ready to send the invitation, we'll deliver it for you.

Suggest dates and times on our calendar

Suggest meeting times

No more emails about which times will work best. Suggest one or more times that work for your schedule in seconds and we'll ask participants about their availability.

Suggest places with fast Google typeahead

Suggest meeting places

No more emails about which places might work. Suggest one or more via Google Places and we'll ask participants which they prefer.

Participants share their preferred times and places

We check availability

Simple Planner will invite participants to share their availability and preferences for times and places so you don't have to.

You choose the final meeting details

We publish the schedule

When you're ready, finalize the time and location and we'll email details to everyone. You can also allow participants or designate additional organizers to make the final decisions.

We make it easy to add the meeting schedule to your calendar

Automatically add to your calendar

Once you've finalized the schedule, it's easy to add the event to your calendar, complete with links and a map.

We email reminders to everyone


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